Great animation should be central to any integrated campaign. It is a useful starting point to draw in an audience, and drive to written formats and static infographics.

Animation should be distinctive and helpful for its audience. We believe that is best achieved by having a strong editorial treatment. The script is everything.

Highbrook recently created video for BlackRock explaining how Target Date Funds offer an all-in-one, pain-free way for pension fund managers to help make sure their members get the retirement they want. This complex subject was simplified into an elegant video.

We have produced animation for PIMCO explaining the firm’s approach to ESG and how it engages with companies to improve their practices. This drives to a full report on the subject.

We have created a five-video explainer series for Royal London Life Insurance. The first video explains what life insurance is, its benefits and the different types. Others include level term cover, mortgage cover, and over-50s cover. The videos drive to suite of articles and graphics.

Our animation for Quilter on longevity has attracted 35,000 views. We also made animation for the international division, heralding a programme to help overseas financial advisers grow their businesses.

Andy Heather of Quilter said: “Highbrook have produced two animations for us. Both were executed to a high artistic standard and have been well received within the business. The process was orderly and flexible, from script to storyboard to final animation.”

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