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Full Covid-19 campaign in 10 days

The brief: Highbrook was commissioned to create two animations with voiceovers, infographics, social media and articles in five languages to explain BNP Paribas Asset Management’s views on the pandemic. Given the developing situation, the work was required fast.

The solution: We created UK versions of the content within 10 working days using a team of designers. French, Spanish, Italian and German versions were rolled out soon after. The first video examines the likely trajectory of the virus. The second looks at how it will affect the economic outlook.

Other work: Highbrook was commissioned to devise a UX structure and create content for a microsite dedicated to a new SME lending fund. The work was also required fast.

We held a workshop with BNP Paribas’s fund managers and sales people to identify the key selling points for the new fund and to devise a site structure that would help visitors discover its benefits. From there we created articles and infographics. The microsite was launched in April 2019. Distribution was via LinkedIn.

We are currently working on thought leadership, multi-lingual infographics, social media advertising (above), a style book and digital activation. We produced graphics and social media cards for BNP Paribas's Great Instability series (top).

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