Work on fertility clinic search tool

The brief: The Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (HFEA) is the UK government agency which licenses fertility clinics.

The HFEA wanted a video to help explain how to use their new Choose A Fertility Clinic tool. The tool and video would be part of a newly-launched website.

Many people choose a fertility clinic on the basis of its success rates, but this is deceptive. Probability is easily skewed by small changes in birth rates. Other factors are equally important, such as quality of care and proximity to the patient’s home. The video needed to get this across, while remaining down-to-earth, inclusive and, above all, human.

The solution: A two-minute animation showing a range of people seeking help, together with graphics and numbers from the site. Julia Bradbury, the former Countryfile presenter, did the voiceover for the HFEA site. Here we use Rhiannon Edwards for voice-over, with music from Francis Jay.

Outputs: The HFEA said: "Highbrook's animation simplified and explained complex technical ideas while maintaining a high artistic standard. They were able take in many stakeholder views and to marry the video's look and feel with fast-moving design changes to the website on which it was to appear. We are very pleased with the finished product, which has been well received by our staff and stakeholders."

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