9 steps to content strategy

9 steps to content strategy

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You can’t get where you want to go without a map – you’ll get lost, frustrated and it will take you longer. Not to mention wasting fuel.

The same is true of content marketing. Without a strategy, even the most brilliant content risks being a haphazard exercise in missed opportunity.

A good content strategy provides direction, relevance, efficiency and consistency. It enables you to reach the right audiences, draws out USPs, reflects overarching business aims and sets clear goals.

But in these hyper-connected, AI-charged times, content strategies must be constantly redefined and eminently adaptable.

People are busier. They want products, services and content to be smart and succinct – and have clear reasons for existing.

Technology is also busier. AI, big data, automation, entire virtual worlds where you can do everything from becoming Snoop Dogg’s metaverse neighbour (for only $450,000!) to trying on avant-garde designer gear made of liquid gold…

All of this means brand identities are becoming increasingly replicable and commoditised. In an era overrun by the generic and inundated with content produced by AI, distinctive content will make brands stand out.

This is where content strategy comes in. Marketing lingo like ‘cutting through the noise’ and ‘moving the needle’ might make you inwardly (and outwardly) cringe, but articulating your objectives in this way is one of the first steps to creating a blow-your-socks-off campaign.

Highbrook’s 9 Steps to Content Strategy Creative Book will help you build the right content action plan for your needs.

Among the questions it answers are:

  • Where should you begin?
  • What’s the best way to execute and distribute your content?
  • How can you ensure your content achieves its objectives?
  • Why is knowing your audience so important?

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