The Insomniac’s Guide to Content

The Insomniac’s Guide to Content

DOWNLOAD: the issues keeping content marketers awake at night – and the solutions

The future hasn’t happened yet, but it's coming on fast. And we think it’s a good idea to forestall it just a little, if only for the sake of a bit more restful shut-eye. The Highbrook Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep looks at the obstacles facing content marketers this year – and suggests solutions.

On the following pages are five big concerns for content marketers, and how we think you can deal with them. We'll answer questions such as:

  • How do you create videos without reaching for the ibuprofen?
  • What can you trust the bots with, and what should you do yourself?
  • What content is the most attention-grabbing on mobile?

And we tackle some potential sleep-disturbing stats, like the fact that 68% of finance marketers are concerned about social media's ROI. Or the fact that 69% say they'll invest more in video in 2024, but are struggling with the time consuming implications. And the big one: 66% of finance marketers will use AI to edit in 2024, with AI use overall expected to double.

Things are changing, there's no denying that. The real question is how we face these facts without losing our wits or, indeed, our precious hours of slumber.

Download the report by clicking the image to read more of our thoughts.

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