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Highbrook was founded by journalists and creatives from the Telegraph, Financial Times, Economist and Google to help companies create content as engaging as that found in newspapers and magazines.

We believe the way brands need to communicate has changed. Competition for attention grows ever more intense.

Work must be shorter and sharper, but no less intelligent. At the same time, less formality is demanded, but without dumbing down. To do that you need content experts.

Our creatives have held senior positions at the world's leading media titles and have received countless professional accolades. CEO Michael Pilgrim was commercial editorial director at the Telegraph Media Group, and is a former editor of the Observer magazine and the Sunday Express.

Michael is a speaker on good use of English in marketing and communications. He is author of the Official MBA Handbook (Pearson) and has won 12 industry awards, including Editor of The Year from the British Society of Magazine Editors.

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