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Traffic increased by 1000%

The brief: is a digital trading platform that enables cryptocurrency holders to invest in real world assets such as shares, commodities and indices without going into fiat.

The founders asked us to develop content to attract traders and would-be traders. Many people consider trading but don't know how to start. Content, it was felt, would help them learn more and consider how best to trade.

The solution: After considerable research and discussions on solutions, the founders invited us to launch a full newsroom service for and its sister company The site was refashioned to carry news and charts on its home page.

We work with and's writers along with our writers and editors to produce around 16 articles a day. Many are published within an hour of being commissioned. Longer articles are accompanied by illustrations by Alexandra Tikhanovich (above).

News and features are produced in a variety of formats, some fast market reactions, others SEO-driven evergreen. Predictions are yearly, monthly and weekly. They perform different functions in driving account sign-ups.

For, we publish around 90 features a month on such subjects as gold price predictions, Bitcoin halving and trading psychology, attracting around 24,000 views with an average dwell time of 2:52 minutes. We publish around 70 news stories, attracting 16,000 views monthly with an average dwell time of 1:37 minutes. April 2020 features numbers were up 1,000 per cent, compared with November 2019, the first full month of operation.

Other outputs: We used a plain, minimalistic approach to write and design the whitepaper. A series of simple slogans in large type run throughout the paper. The whitepaper opens with five punchy statements explaining the project. It avoids stock imagery, instead using textures. Icons are plain and colours evoke trading screens.

We also developed whitepapers and blogs for and the Face AR laboratory Banuba. CEO Ivan Gowan said: "Amazing product and quality of work. Thank you for your insights and honest views on how to improve the site."

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