A spelling list for quiddles

A spelling list for quiddles

For nidicolous scombroids

Here are some words you could be forgiven for misspelling: “A nidicolous scombroid noddypeak was vespertilionized terdiurnally by a slubberdegullion”.

It would roughly translate as: A mackerel-shaped [scombroid] fool [noddypeak] who was reared in a nest [nidicolous] was turned into a bat [vespertilionized] three times a day [terdiurnal] by a filthy, slobbering person [slubberdegullion].

These magnificent words were all collected by Highbrook’s design guru Andy Cowan. His collection also includes “tomophobia”, which apparently means a fear of surgery, though we feel it could equally be a fear of male cats, or indeed iconic Welsh signers.

Here's more from Andy (also from editor Brett Lampitt):

Interpunct – point or dot between words in•place•of•spaces

Synorthographic – spelled in the same way

Tittle – dot over the letter i or j

Piciform – of the form or shape of a woodpecker

Pickthank – sycophant; flatterer

Blobbing – a method of fishing for eels

Flummadiddle – an edible mash of American origin

Shoyhoy – a person hired to scare birds

Orey-eyed – expressing anger through the eyes

Quiddle – a fastidious person

Rumpot – a habitual or heavy drinker

Scrimshank – to evade work or duty

Toplofty – haughty and arrogant

Uglyography – bad handwriting; poor spelling

Verbicide – destroying the meaning of a word

Verbomania – craze for words

Vicennial – occurring every twenty years

Vigintiquintuple – result of multiplying by twenty-five

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