Q is for questions that guide content

Q is for questions that guide content

They'll help you create something practical and focused

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers”, said seventeenth century Voltaire.

It might seem like a handy get out in the event of not actually knowing the answers, but in fact questions are very important in structuring and writing good content.

If your writing is to be valuable, insightful and – as importantly – actually found in the sea of internet content, it must answer a question which your audience is genuinely asking.

Think about what it is that people actually want to know about your subject. Is there a why, what, when or how you can address?

If there is, you have probably found your headline. And you should keep that question in mind all the way through your writing.

Questions also provide a useful writers’ checklist, helping to formulate the plan (you do need one). Provide the structure and achieve the purpose.

Questions to ask before you start

  • Why am I writing this?
  • Who is my audience?
  • What is keeping them awake at night?
  • What excites them?
  • What is their level of knowledge
  • What is the message that I want them to take away?

Questions to ask after you have finished

  • Am I offering something practical?
  • Am I pitching my language at the right level for this audience?
  • Have I guided them through my material and moved the story forward?
  • Above all, will they be better informed, having read this piece?

Any questions? Do let us know.

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Giulia Rhodes
Giulia Rhodes