Why it's called Highbrook

Why it's called Highbrook

A brazenly corporate post

We founded Highbrook because we believe Cloud-based technology allows us to do everything a big media owner does – but to a much higher editorial standard and in a way that is orderly, stress-free and far more responsive to client needs.

We also believe that there is a great job to be done educating people about the possibilities of technology, enterprise and investment. That is what we set out to do with our clients.

So what does the name mean?

There’s a ridge you can see from my home in Sussex. A line of trees, including a massive, ancient Wellingtonia, plus a church spire. That is Highbrook, a hamlet at most but rather lovely, looking down on the forests and fields of the Weald.

To get there, you need to cross fields, all but impassable when it’s wet; and climb steep hills, sometimes avoiding bulls. But it’s well worth the effort for the wonderful view. That’s what we’re doing with this business.

The right content, first time

Few marketing directors are unaware of the importance of content, in effect becoming a publisher. Getting it right without wasting money and time, however, is hard.

Most companies have expertise, knowledge and data. What they sometimes struggle with is articulating that material into a body of work that draws and holds readers. That’s where we come in.

We founded Highbrook because we believe in collaboration, in working closely with our clients so they get the results they need. Our talented, highly experienced journalists and film-makers will spend time with you to identify themes and ideas that will resonate with your audience. Then we make them happen, from the first idea right through to publishing and beyond.

Our approach

Get embedded. Partnership is key. We like to become part of your team, the publishing division, if you like. That way we believe we can create journalism and video that perfectly fits with what you’re doing and that you’re comfortable with using on your site and distributing elsewhere. No surprises.

Influence. We can help you achieve greater visibility with your potential customers and we can help you become a greater influence within your industry, among your stakeholders and with your staff.

Making it stress-free. Everybody’s busy and managing content takes time. That’s why we at Highbrook streamline the whole process. Result: a calm, orderly campaign. At the heart of that, we believe, are strong relationships between our people and yours. We will always spend time in your offices learning how you do things, what the imperatives are, what the pinch points are, what the absolute no-nos are. To that end, we use various brands of software to manage, produce timelines and chase progress. The crucial part, however, is the human contribution. Every piece of copy goes through two editorial executives before you see it. This means it is ready to publish without further work.

Compliance. A key part of that is making sure anything produced in your name meets regulatory requirements. We are expert in dealing with all aspects of compliance and pride ourselves on getting it right from the start.

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Michael Pilgrim
Michael Pilgrim

Chairman and founder