12 songs about grammar

12 songs about grammar

Some rare cuts that are 100% not puns

Thinking about Oxford commas reminded Highbrook that the (annoyingly chirpy) band Vampire Weekend once recorded a song called “Who Gives A F*** About An Oxford Comma”.

Well us, obviously, but it prompted Highbrook to devise an Edit top 12 of songs about punctuation and grammar. Well, why not?

Full Stop! In The Name of Love – Diana Ross And The Supremes


Comma Chameleon – Culture Club


London Colon – The Clash


Tears Of A Noun – Smokey Robinson


Up The Conjunction – Squeeze


Get Lucky – Daft Punctuation


Unfinished Sympathy – Passive Attack


Puppet On A String – Ampersandie Shaw


Total Ellipsis Of The Heart – Bonnie Tyler


American Idiom – Green Day


Suffix You – Coldplay


Venus In Furs – Velvet Gerunderground


(With thanks to Tim Rice, Richard Whitehead, Francis Jay, Claire Cohen and Claire Sharp)

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