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Year-long project in Guardian

The brief: Hiscox, a leading provider of cover for small businesses, asked us to manage their Adventures in Business series for small businesses in the Guardian.

The solution: We worked closely with Hiscox’s underwriters to identify issues of interest to SMEs and showcase Hiscox people as the experts offering answers.

Outputs: The year-long series features stories of inspiration and tenacity from entrepreneurs, including Emma Cerrone of Freeformers (above). There is advice from experts such as Carl Reader, author of The Startup Coach.

Other work: In addition, Rebecca Burn-Callander offered a hilarious view of what The Apprentice really means to SME owners, quoting luminaries such as Charlie Mullins, founder of Pimlico Plumbers, original Apprentice winner Tim Campbell and Simon Duffy, co-founder of men's skincare range Bulldog. Hazel Davis wrote a seasonal guide to corporate gifting, ranging from cars to lingerie.

Highbrook prides itself on turning round pieces fast when the need arises. Our summary of the Budget for Hiscox was published within hours of the Chancellor sitting down from his speech in the Commons.

Vicki Shiel at Hiscox said: "Working with Michael and the team has been a joy. If you're looking for witty, original content, try Highbrook."

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